Backblaze and Veritas Level Up Ease for Multi-cloud Backup and Recovery

Jun 28, 2022

Partnership opens B2 Cloud Storage’s ease and affordability to Backup Exec customers—delivering a trusted, affordable, desired option for small to midsize businesses

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Backblaze, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLZE), the leading independent storage cloud platform, today announced a partnership with Veritas, a leader in multi-cloud data management, to offer B2 Cloud Storage within Veritas’ Backup Exec service. Their joint solution offers easy, affordable, S3-compatible object storage to customers who use Backup Exec to unify their data backup and recovery approach.

Veritas’ Backup Exec service helps businesses protect almost any data on any storage device—tape, servers, or in the cloud. By unifying backup management in one panel, it creates a simple, customizable approach to managing backups and orchestrating recovery that can benefit everyone from the local bakery, to a regional school district, to large government units.

Today, any business or institution using Backup Exec can configure their data to back up to B2 Cloud Storage. IT teams can rest easy, knowing that remote offices, Linux and Unix workloads, virtual or Microsoft workloads, and more, are protected and immediately available if needed—all configurable in a few clicks and at one-fifth the price of traditional storage vendors, with no data retention minimums or other lock-in fees.

“The Backup Exec service empowers small and medium-sized businesses to do more with less, and to minimize their daily lift around data management and protection,” Nilay Patel, VP of Sales & Partnerships at Backblaze explained. “This aligns perfectly with our mission to make storing and using data astonishingly easy—especially for IT teams that already have a ton on their plate.”

Taken together, the partnership delivers in three key value areas:

  • Simplification: Backup Exec provides a simple, unified user interface that removes complexity from data protection. Backblaze B2 is configurable in a few easy steps.
  • Hybrid-cloud adoption: The capital and personnel expense of purchasing and managing on-prem data storage can be challenging. Veritas and Backblaze make cloud adoption easy.
  • Cost reduction: Backup Exec makes configuring backups easy, which means that businesses can fine-tune their storage bill in line with their budgets. With B2 Cloud Storage priced at one-fifth the cost of traditional cloud vendors—the combination offers a powerful tool to businesses that want to optimize their spend.

“Our goal with Backup Exec is to provide a simple, powerful solution that frees business owners from concerns about data loss,” said Jason Von Eberstein, Senior Principal Product Manager of Veritas. “Backblaze is a natural partner in this effort and we’re excited to work with them to bring the value of cloud backup to a larger group of businesses and institutions.”

Backblaze shared more details about the new partnership and how to sign up in a blog post the company published today.

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