Backblaze Doubles Down on Security With Open Bug Bounty Program

Mar 24, 2022

Enhancing Security Testing, Backblaze’s Bugcrowd Bug Bounty Program Is Now Open to All Security Researchers

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Backblaze, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLZE), a leading independent storage cloud platform, announced today the public opening of its existing Bugcrowd Bug Bounty Program to all security researchers. Backblaze has consistently invested in maintaining and upgrading its security portfolio—including the recent launch of server-side encryption for its S3 Compatible API for B2 Cloud Storage and the doubling in size of its Security team over the last year under the leadership of CISO Mark Potter. Leveraging the security expertise of the ethical hacking community through Bugcrowd underscores the company's commitment to cybersecurity best practices aligned with the constantly evolving threat landscape.

“Backblaze continues to build out a world class Security team and we’re hardening our systems and processes against cybercriminals every day, but no business is entirely immune from vulnerabilities—as the recent Log4j issue made all too clear,” Mark Potter, Backblaze Chief Information Security Officer, noted. “That’s why we’re excited to broaden our security profile with Bugcrowd—they make it easy to engage and reward security researchers who can identify issues before they become bigger problems.”

Bugcrowd encourages ethical hackers to attack businesses, find vulnerabilities in their software and processes, and aid in guiding the remediation of those vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by anyone else. Backblaze’s private bug bounty program with Bugcrowd has been running for over a year, but now that the program is public, any interested security researcher can sign up to challenge the company’s in-scope products and networks by visiting

"We're very excited about Backblaze's adoption of a bug bounty solution on the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ and benefit from the power of the human intellect of our global crowd," said Ashish Gupta, CEO, Bugcrowd. "Blackblaze joins a visionary group of companies that see continuous, proactive security testing as a critical requirement for keeping customer data, and IT infrastructure overall, safe from attack."

Backblaze will host a webinar on April 21, 2022 to discuss its expanded program and its role in the overall Backblaze security portfolio. The webinar panel will include key members of Backblaze’s Security team, including Lead Application Security Engineer, Ola Nordstrom, and Senior Risk Assessment Specialist, Chris Vickery, and will be moderated by Pat Patterson, Chief Developer Evangelist for Backblaze.

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